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Lying columnist accuses umpire of expanding outside corner "by three feet"

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Well, expanding the outside corner by three feet would meet Manfred's requirement to speed up the game...


But seriously, Bucknor is exhibit A to the perception that umpires blindly protect other umpires.   Aren't other MLB umpires embarrassed by this jackass?  

Yes...someone has to be the "worst"...even on a list of the 100 best, someone has to be 100.   But that doesn't mean the guy at 100 doesn't have to at least try to get to 99...or maintain the standard that got him into the top 100 in the first place.   Way too many skilled and hungry umps who haven't cracked MLB to keep dead wood around.

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absolutely no worse a 3rd strike call in the 3rd inning on the 5th pitch to Harper on Sunday, than a 3rd strike call in the 3rd inning on the 5th pitch to Marcell Ozuna on Saturday by none other than recent All-Star game and 3 time WS umpire Ted Barrett.

When an article refers to a mistake by an individual umpire, let's also go to pitch fx or instant replay to find other umpires making the same mistake, but not written about, as we comment on the original mistake from the article posted.


















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