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    • By Thunderheads
      I can understand the scoreboard being wrong in counting the pitch in the balk that occurred during the sequence (looking for that video).... but I find it hard to believe that this has happened so often on a professional field in the last few years.  
      Caveat:  NOT THAT I'M PERFECT, because I've lost it too, and I've rung up guys on strike 2, it happens ....but ........   IT SURE AS HELL shouldn't take this long ......
      Your browser does not support iframes.
    • By Thunderheads
    • By Thunderheads
      This play is reviewed and overturned, fine, ...but.... what caught my eye was the positioning of CG on this play.  He lets the ball turn him to the play, but never moves into the play.  Isn't he a little too far?
      Just asking .......
    • By Thunderheads
      not enough evidence?
    • By Thunderheads
      ....how is this not fan interference?
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