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Just starting out into competitive umpiring after some time covering rec leagues. First game was today with a 15-14 walk off win for a 10 year old tournament. Appreciate the wealth of knowledge from everyone. Cheers!

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Howdy from "next door" in Kansas.

I did the same thing (a few years in rec before moving to competitive ball) - it only gets better from there.

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    • By DharnsIV
      Hi everyone! I’m new to this site so I thought it would be a good way to learn a few things and give some tips as well. I umpire anywhere from 9u-18u baseball. 
    • By ATXBlue
      Hello from Austin, TX....One high school season under my belt at the JV/Fresh level, full time gig had me out of the game for the summer/fall but getting back in it this spring. 
      Looking forward to being a part of this community.
    • By lauritap
      Hi all-
      Just wanted to give a brief introduction as I joined today.  I have been coaching youth baseball for 4 years and am in my 2nd year as a Little League umpire.  I am a Commissioner in my youth Little League.  I have a ton to learn and have so appreciated the collective wisdom on this site.  I am also a woman umpire and coach which adds some layers to the learning curve, dealing with coaches , and being a Commissioner.  I don't aspire to the Major Leagues or anything other than youth baseball but love the game and love umpiring more than I would have ever thought.  Thank you to all for the huge amount of collective knowledge that is already here.  
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