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What a bunch of elitist think-tank BS. 

NHL referees aren't paid extra for overtime, and like MLB games, NHL playoff overtime games can go hours before someone scores.  Conversely, NHL referees typically swallow their whistles and "let them play" in OT, hesitant to influence the end of a game with a power play opportunity and goal.  In short, NHL referees make decisions that are more likely to make the games go longer, by allowing an environment where it is harder to score.

To me, the best piece of evidence is the save opportunity.  Basically, even with the change of how relief pitchers are used, the MLB team with a three run or less lead in the ninth inning wins the game about 95% of the time...going back over 100 years.   If umpires want to minimize the length of extra innings, they would also want to eliminate extra innings altogether.  You'd think that not only would that number get closer to 100%, but the greatest closer of all time would have a save percentage higher than 95%...you'd want to get those games done so you can leave.

What morons.  I think my IQ dropped just reading that article.


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