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The future may be bright

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Watching my son’s coach pitch game last night. We’ve got 2 youth umpires working, BU probably 14-15yo. Had a play were a batted ball hit a runner between 2nd and 3rd. They called an out for interference of batted ball as we all know it to be in most baseball rule sets

(overheard from offensive coaches that in DIzzy Dean if it passes two infielders, including pitcher  then interference is off, I dunno. Don’t work DIzzy Dean) 

So in between innings there was another dad near me that umpires, and he started asking him what the ruling was. He was able to correctly and confidently relay the ruling, the reasoning of it, then answered the follow ups from him about what if the play didn’t cause the third out what do runners do, what if it hit a fielder, what if it passed a fielder. Kid was spot on  

(Again this going with what I know offensive interference with a batted ball to be,  don’t know if there is a DD change)

but to top it all off...

BU finishes it all off by saying “it be fine if people didn’t get so dang butt hurt, it ain’t the World Series, it’s coach pitch.”


Like me I said, there may be some hope for new generation. 

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