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Partner Commentary longish

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I'm scheduled to work a JV Baseball game yesterday. I look at Arbiter to see who my partner is. I look in the assoc guide and don't see his name, a cadet. Ok, I'll call him and give him the opportunity to work the plate (as our assignor has asked us to do with cadets). Here's where the fun starts:

"are you a cadet?"

"uh, no, well yes, I'm a returning cadet. I was a cadet last year but I failed the test, so I'm back this year as a cadet."

"OK would you like to work the plate this afternoon?"

" No I don't need to I've been umpiring for years and have done the plate plenty of times."

To self - you've been umpiring for years and failed the test, uh-oh.

he says "Is the field between the schools or behind the HS?"

"the game is at the Babe Ruth field about 1.5 miles from the school"

"Oh Yeah? How do I get there?"

"I'm not sure because I use a GPS in my car. Maybe you can call the school, let them know you're coming and they can give you directions" SOP in our assoc.

Skip to the pregame

"the assoc. is using the V, do you know that?"

"yeah, I heard about that"

we review the V responsibilities.

skip to coaches pregame, I'm PU and am introducing myself when partner starts chiming in about "players safely equipped..." I say "excuse me, I'll cover that..." proceed without further incident.

BU is now pissed on me for stepping on him in front of the coaches. I inform him that it is PU job to talk during pregame. He walks away in a huff, dropping a few quiet F-bombs on me.

top of the first R1 none out ground ball to F6, R1 is coming up from his slide when the ball arrives - "Out". Not a peep from OC.

Around the 2nd or 3rd inning we get together to discuss something, I apologize for embarassing him.

The rest of the game we do fine. His mechanics are OK, doesn't move much but is in the right position.

He did catch me sleeping once on a timing play (notifying both teams the run scored on a third out) and I thanked him.

I think the glory of the day for BU was when we parked (about 150 ft from 1B dugout), he asked if it was safe and I said "it would take quite a foul to reach here." About the 4th inning, kid hits quite a foul and we hear bang on a car. BU makes a point of saying, "hey Larry, that was yours!"

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