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What is Your Primary Mask?


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This is just a post out of sheer curiosity. I was wondering what is everyone's, current, primary mask. I'm not as interested in all your masks as there is already a thread for that ( see "Mask Porn"). I'm just curious as to the mask that you use on a regular basis. 

I currently still use my Nike Ti on a regular basis.


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+POS ZRO-G, Charcoal w/ Tan TWs, Smoke-silver sun visor

+POS ZRO-G, Bay Blue (Sky, custom) w/ Black TWs, Spectrum-blue sun visor

All-Star FM4000, Black (custom) w/ Tan TWs

Honigs K-4, Navy w/ Navy All-Star LUCs, Smoke-silver sun visor

Yes, when you do 400+ games per year, across all levels, all four masks are used on rotation.

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I rotate, with color coordination:
School navy: Diamond AL silver with All-Star navy 2-tone pads, and Honigs Navy harness and 4 inch TG, Diamond visor
Spring/fall black: Wilson AL black frame with Wilson Charcoal/black leather 2-tone pads, and Wilson Harness and TG
Spring/fall jacket weather: Diamond AL black frame, Tan Wilson Leathers, Diamond harness and visor, Honigs TG
Powder Blue and Cream: Plus-POS ZERO-G frame, black TWs, Plus-POS harness and TG, diamond visor
Summer Heat: Plus-POS AL frame bronze, harness and Visor, Tan TWs, Mizuno 6 inch TG
I like leather pads in cold weather, TWs in warm. Take off my leathers by end of May, and store them until October. Will throw TWs on my frames to rotate in the summer.

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