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    • By agdz59
      Working a 10u tournament this weekend. I'm on the bases in C with R2.  
      The pitcher sets, then raises his leg and pitches with his knee going past his pivot leg before committing to home.
      I called nothing but between innings the offensive coach asked about it because his runner started back to second. 
      What say you?
    • By Jglopez7
      See the video of my call of RLI. What do y’all think? 
    • By Jglopez7
      Seeking info and feedback regarding the few questions I got wrong. Read below.
      1. A force is reinstated when a runner retreats past the base to which he was forced to advance. T or F I marked False due to a runner who passes a base needing to be tagged upon returning. Unless I am misinterpreting the question. Correct answer is TRUE
      2. No outs, R3 on third and R1 on first. R1 attempts to steal second. B4 interferes with F2, but F2's throw gets R1 out. During the play at second, R3 scores. B4's interference is ignored and R3 scores. T or F. I put false due to the interference from my understanding runners return back their base start of pitch. Correct answer is TRUE. What if R1 gets caught in a rundown because hes thrown out by a mile? Kill it if first attempt is not successful?
      3. A coach physically assisting a runner during playing action is interference. T or F. I put TRUE and apparently its false.
      Any feedback is welcome.
    • By Kevin_K
      Today the State of NJ released its annual refresher test for all NJSIAA certified umpires in baseball and softball. 
      On first glance I find this question:
      A pitcher is wearing a compression sleeve that is a camouflage pattern matching the school's colors. It extends below the elbow on his throwing arm. The umpire should:
      Allow it since the colors match the school's colors.
      Have the pitcher remove it since he may not wear white or gray on his throwing arm.
      I have never claimed to have a backward and forward understanding of the rule book, but even I know that neither answer is correct. How does this kind of nonsense happen every single year? At what point will there be a test that is correct? And that doesn't try to trick anyone? 
      In the inimitable words of one C. Brown....."AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!" 

    • By Thunderheads
      Ok ...
      I got this ad from Wilson on my Facebook feed today and for fun ...I posted the following:
      Your first HS game starts with the pitcher walking to the mound with this new customized Wilson glove. What do you do....

      NOW .... I did this primarily because although TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL ...the amount of gray isn't egregious and I thought, well maybe I see if something is said, as to not be a "Barney Fife" and be an OOO right out of the gate.
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