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4 hours ago, Haid D' Salaami said:

Yes.. if your timing was/is good, you shouldnt be calling him out till the F3 pulls the ball out ( voluntary release)..


Yes, normally a voluntary release would indicate secure possesion. But is the commentator saying all the visual is on the glove, granted that at the proper distance the whole play would be in view,  and he listens for the foot to hit the bag?

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I had a couple of videos with no sound but had no problem with the post video questions. First year glitch I guess. I will miss seeing everyone but I sure won't miss spending half a grand on air, hotel, meal, and night time expenses. I like it.

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I understand why you like this idea so much, but in all honesty I hate it. this year I got so busy with work, illness, and the other sports i worked that I missed the day i had to see the video to be tournament eligible (I literally thought it was a Monday, not a Sunday when it closed, I set a day aside to watch and study it, one day too late),  not that it matters at my age very much.

That weekend or even just two days to get away and concentrate on Baseball and enjoying the company of fellow umpires is such a great thing for me to enjoy/participate in, it was a perfect way to start getting mentally ready for the season. This year it was just another video presentation I had to do

I really hope next year they will have on-site meetings, and especially because it might be my last one before I am too old/slow to umpire college baseball anymore.



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