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Please see the attached document for a FREE MLB Umpire Camp in Louisville, Ky on July 29th from 9a-1p ET (check-in 8a-9a). We, at Ump-Attire.com, are excited about the opportunities to promote the MLB Umpire Camps. This clinic is for all ages, shapes, sizes and umpiring aspirations. MLB Umpire Camp staff WILL be looking for candidates that qualify for their scholarship opportunities to attend one of the pro schools in January. (More info explained in Louisville)

The cost is FREE - ANY umpire, baseball or softball - can attend the clinic. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian consent to sign a consent form. You don't need any equipment, but I suggest bringing an umpire mask if you have one. IF THERE'S A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT OR APPAREL that you'd like to see at this clinic, please email me: scott@ump-attire.com -- any other questions, please let me know. 

FREE t-shirt for each one that registers and shows up. You can PRE-REGISTER to Raquel Wagner (MLBUMPIRECAMPS@MLB.COM) 

Load the car up, make the short commute to Louisville & see Ump-Attire.com in action with MLB ! 



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