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PU From "MLB 9 Innings '17" (Mobile Game)

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Hey guys, I play a game on my phone (available for iOS and Android) called "MLB 9 Innings '17"... It's a great little game that plays a solid game of ball and includes a card collecting/team building element to it...

I recommend it to any baseball fan and can talk about it at length (but I won't right now), but let's take a look at the PU for a moment...


Whats with the elbow strap and the thick wrist bands? (Which are on both arms)

What mask do you think he's wearing? (Note: He's using a throat protector). Seems like the PU and F2 are wearing the same ones.


Moving on... The PU seems to be designed to set up in the same spot at all times (reasonable for a mobile game) as witnessed in the following pics:


Here the F2 sets up outside and puts the PU right in the slot... But...


When the F2 moves inside, the PU stays in the same spot (note his right foot in both pics) and ends up in the Kill Zone.


Side note... The umpires are not programmed perfectly but they are much better then should probably be expected... It seems as if they "teleport" into position based on the location of a hit ball (left vs right and infield vs outfield) so you never see them actually moving into position, but they are generally in the right spot for all call so some care and thought went into them for sure.... There are also some pretty interesting animations between the BU's and fielders on stolen base attempts.

Any questions about the game or its umps, feel free to ask. 

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I think you just put more time into analyzing the umpires' equipment and positioning than developers of the game did.

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