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Hello all - 

A fellow teacher is wanting to umpire for the first time this year. Since everyone in this community is amazing, I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has some extra equipment lying around to help get him started. I've got him hooked up with base shoes, shin guards, and ball bags that I wasn't using anymore. Here's a list of other things we're looking for (preferably at a cheap price and in good condition):

  • Mask (just a basic Dyna-Lite if available)
  • Chest protector (XL or 13 inch)
  • Plate shoes (Size 13 2E would be ideal, but 13 D will work, too)



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Watch craigslist, there seems to be a couple guys cleaning out their closet up here in the PNW. If you buy local, you'd save quite a bit if you didn't have to ship. 

@codizzled (Cody), I notice you're not requesting one of the most important pieces of gear – a personal protector. I'm sure there are some umpires on here who might have a spare.   Otherwise,

@codizzled (Cody), I notice you're not requesting one of the most important pieces of gear – a personal protector.

I'm sure there are some umpires on here who might have a spare. :jerkit: :sarcasm:

Otherwise, too bad on the size 13 shoes... I have size 11 NB 460's here that need a little TLC, but they are serviceable.

If you need umpire shirts on the "stupid cheap" (and that aren't navy or softball powder blue), consider this guy on eBay:

He's a fellow umpire (former) trying to scratch out a go of it. He slashed his shirt prices in half, and I'm not sure if he's getting out of the business or not, but he has some shirts left. One of my junior umpires is around the same size as me (6'2", 206) and I bought him the '10 Black and '10 Sky Blue in XL, together, for less than the cost of one new TOC, Smitty or Majestic.


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