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Wilson WV Gold for trade or sale

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First time for everything I guess.

I would like to trade one of my WV Gold L/XL chest protectors for a Douglas. Preferably the older one with the black shell. But the grey one would be fine too.

The CP is about 10 years old. But worn for only 5-7 of them. Still in good shape with a little rust on the rivots and clips. I am looking to make the deal with my backup rig and move my current one to the backup role. I don't have photos right now. But I can get them to you by request as my gear is currently in storage for the winter (and fall and summer this year).

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      Anyone out there have a Douglas with Tee Hooks and a Force 3 harness?  I ham considering sending mine in to add the tee hooks but, I don't want to make my harness obsolete.   
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      I just saw this on the Douglas pads Facebook page.
      May he rest in peace.
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      I just got my Doug (“treat yoself” birthday present....with some help) in 13”. However, I can’t seem to get the shoulder pads over, ironically, my shoulders; they dry looking forward and it looks bulky with the majestic(Sz M) on. Any tips???

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      Hello all - 
      I have these things to sell:
      LIKE NEW 17" Douglas Shin Guards: $150 + $10 shipping - SOLD
      I bought these brand new from UA.com last May. I used them for six games during last summer and have used them for four games this year so far. 
      USED Matte Black Diamond Aluminum Mask (FRAME ONLY): $35 shipped
      I got this used about a month ago from a member this site. I have never worn this mask. It is in good condition.
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      Want to price a used Douglas plate cp
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