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Keeping my mouth shut

Mister B


I'm coming from this via the coach route, it's only Little League, so I got very little training. So I want to make sure on when I make a call and when I keep my mouth shut. 

If the runner misses the tag-up, I keep my mouth shut until, the defense makes the play at the base and I call the out. Correct?

If the runner missed the bag, I keep my mouth shut until the defense figures it out and tags him out or he is passed by the next runner, in which case the next runner would be out. Correct? 

If the defensive coach appeals either of those without making the play, what is my course of action? 


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Think of it this way -- a runner who misses a base is assumed to have touched it (and is treated that way) unless and until the defense appeals it.  the same is true for a runner who leaves early on a caught fly. 


So, you do exactly what you would have done if the runner had touched the base -- nothing, and just make a ruling on the next play (and then on the appeal, if it's made correctly).

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