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    • By Gil
      This week's Ask the UEFL concerns an infield fly rule play complicated by an intervening case of interference between the batter-runner and first baseman attempting to catch a batted ball. Though this video example comes from softball—and features an off-field umpire, UIC, or supervisor...

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    • By Gil
      Not knowing a rule proved costly to a team just two hours into MLB Opening Day 2019. Two Yankees runners didn't know the infield fly rule, leading to a double play as runners tried advancing when they didn't need to. Umpire Fieldin Culbreth's crew of Paul Nauert, CB Bucknor, and DJ Reyburn didn't...

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    • Guest Pecosbill
      By Guest Pecosbill
      When first and second, or first second and third are occupied and there’s less than two out and the batter hits an infield pop up, easily catchable:  is the umpire required to VERBALLY announce the “Infield fly rule, batter’s out” or can he just signal it by put in his hand in the air?  I always thought it was the former, but when the situation happened in our MSBL league the umpires insisted that they are not required to verbally announce the rule applicable. But without the umpire verbally announcing it, how are the players, who are keeping their eyes on the ball, supposed to know what has been called?
    • Guest Cone
      By Guest Cone
      Runners on first and second, no out. Batter hits an infield fly and the umpire calls the batter out, per the infield fly rule. The base runners attempt to advance before the ball is caught. The infielder drops the ball, then throws to first for the double play. Is the runner doubled off first? 
    • By Thunderheads
      I love MLB Network, but ..... this kind of thing has to stop.  I'm going to the hospital now to see if I can get some medication for my BLEEDING EARS!!!!!    
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