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Majestic short sleeve black 2XL shirt with MLB logo


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Majestic short sleeve black 2XL shirt with MLB logo
$65  Phoenix, Arizona

One (1) Short sleeve, black. Authentic MLB umpire shirt. Size 2XL

Price $65.00 PLUS shipping (7.88 anywhere in USA)

PayPal only at birddawg@cox.net

See pics for viewing inspection. email me for faster response  birddawg@cox.net

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    • By CoachBaseballRight
      Hi All, 
      New to this and wasn't sure where to put. We wanted to share with you all an interview we did with umpire Gerry Davis on our podcast. Hope you enjoy it. Any constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated. 
      Steve Nicollerat
    • By BravoUmp
      I have 3 shirts that I no longer need as I have lost weight and need a smaller size.  $25 each or $65 for all 3. Thanks
      1. Majestic MLB Side Panel Black / Gray XXL
      2. Majestic MLB Side Panel Blue / Black XXL
      3. Smitty MLB Side Panel Black / Gray Long Sleeve XXL

    • By sd181612
      I am just going to drop this right here!

    • By MadMax
      First pitch was at 1:20pm and posted air temperature in Wrigley Field was 91º, but I'm sure the on-field temperature was considerably higher. Well, with a game going over 3 and a half hours in that heat, PU Hunter Wendelstedt is showing off a white cooling towel draped over his neck and shoulders while the game is going on! He's also keeping the movements to an absolute minimum. Lineup changes are being handled by one of the BU's (I think it's Guccione).
      Players are dropping out due to heat fatigue.
      If there is a note in the MLB Suggestion Box that recommends having the umpires in shaded positions with good sightlines, and referring to Video Replay if/when needed, it probably came from this game.
    • By MadMax
      In viewing clips of pitches and hits on mlb.tv, I have noticed a trend – MLB umpires are opting to a wider variety of masks rather than the default, formerly supplied Wilson DynaLite. We’re still seeing guys use the Wilson DynAlum and the occasional Wilson Titanium (Way Too) Low Profile, and there are those still relying on their Nike Icon Titaniums, but we’re also seeing increased numbers of Mizunos, Force3 Defenders, and All-Star FM4000MAGs.
      I’m sincerely wondering when that “paradigm shift” or “break point” is going to occur, when it is open season on branding gear with attributed logos instead of hiding, obscuring, or flat-out lying so as to appease a company that lethargically refuses to progressively protect their “sponsored” representatives. Because a knocked-off mask is viewed as a “failed mask”, MLB umpires – wearing Wilson -marked masks especially – are directed to wear their masks far too tight. Well, coincidentally, this plays right into Force3’s strengths, as the reactive spring suspension functions best when the mask is worn snugly. It’s just a shame that Force3 doesn’t receive due credit!

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