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CDP pants

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You know, there have been guys, especially the last few years, wearing "service slacks" such as from Dickies and Carhartts. In charcoal color, you can't tell the difference at any distance other than a couple feet away. They fit a helluva lot easier / better / faster than trying to get pants tailored, and they likely cost half as much.

I'm all for it, as long as there is consideration for plate use and shinguards. No, the shinguards do not go over the pants, and no, you should not be using your old catcher's shinguards – complete with triple knee plates and toe caps – jammed in under those pants either. Get low-profile shinguards and/or get proper plate pants.

But again, I'd rather see an umpire – especially a new one – wearing Dickies charcoal service slacks than jeans, track pants, or khaki shorts. This ain't beer-league softball.

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