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Umplife Custom Change Mats


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UMPLIFE Change Mats are produced in full color and are sublimated for outstanding image quality and durability. We custom design your mat using every colour to match your Associations logo and colors. UMPLIFE Mats are produced on an extremely durable 1/4” 11 oz felt carpet with non - slip rubber backing and black bound edges. Standard mats are 19” x 15” and our UL Pro mat is 24” x 18”. Both sizes will fit nicely into you bad for easy storage. UMPLIFE Mats are attractive and practical and ideal for change rooms or the parking lot to keep umpires feet dry and clean after a hard day on the diamond. UMPLIFE Mats look so great some umpires have ordered more than one mat to use at home or hang on the wall.
The perfect gift or memento an umpire can keep for years to come 
If you would like to order your custom mat please email rbumpire37@gmail.com
$28.99 USD Plus Shipping



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Question for all followers of Ump Life: Would you like to see more products offered in
A. Apparel (shirts, hats, etc.).
B. Widgets (cell phone cases, chargers, etc.)
C. Miscellaneous (floor mats, etc.).

Please provide feedback. We are restructuring our product line and it would be helpful to know your insights. Thanks.



It's incredible that this post have no likes. BTW, this is a post of Ray's Florida/New York counterpart. Ray you should take care of business of him offering floor mats, you were the original.

Why you posting this here????


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