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Need help

Haid D' Salaami
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Guy i need a little help. I'm teaching a clinic here in a few days and i'm looking for the Jim Evans Maximizing 2 umpire system book. I'm looking for the page or pages on the clearing bat section called NAPS... I know what it stands for but was looking for the pages, Somewhere in my 6 moves I have miss placed my book. Any help would be great. And yes before any one ask I did purchase the book, just many yrs ago. TIA.

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G-05. Page 4 in my edition.

the cliff notes....

1. Is it Necessary? ....If there is a possibility of a play, The umpire must determine.....

2. Is the bat available? Is it near enough that I can go get it. If it is proceed to the final question

3. Is it possible.....to get to the bat, move it, and get back in the proper position for the ensuing play at the plate. If the answer to all 3 questions are yes, then clear the bat.

Always keep your head looking forward when bending down to pick up the bat  as to not miss a missed base, OBS, etc. 

Grip the bat with your right hand, point an end toward foul territory and aggressively slide the bat along the ground and make sure it's out of your way and the F2's way..


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