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    • By Umpire in Chief
      This is one of the games I watched this weekend. 
      As an umpire, I knew what was happening. Bucknor properly waited for the play to play itself out, then signaled time as there was some question whether it hit the batter in the box. So, overall Bucknor did the right things here and the ejection was deserved. Now I did not see or notice any communication between Bucknor & Carlson about potentially being hit in the box, but lack of any communication is essentially the same as saying he was not hit. 
      However, I was with my father in law who gets easily fired up about sports and reviles all officials in all sports. He had a minor conniption about this which was fueled on by the announcers (we had a different feed than these announcers).
      Now in my amateur, Monday morning quarterback view here's what he could have possibly have done better (for educational purposes only not to criticize, condemn or otherwise put down any umpire).
      Point the ball fair. -- IMO this simple act could have quite possibly prevented everything. And it wouldn't have made any difference in terms of a potential batter hit in the box situation. Additionally, because it it was so close, emphatically point it fair. Verbalize calling time -- That seemed to be Servais's argument, 'You called foul' and you can read Bucknors lips, 'No, I called time' The other thing that did not go well for Bucknor were the optics of the situation. The first baseman seems to look back at him and ask if it was fair. Then Bucknor doesn't come up with the out call (not shown on this clip) until immediately after the first baseman says something else to him. This is just one of those tough darn-if-you-do, darn-if-you-don't situations, but it just looks bad. 
    • By Thunderheads
      Great slide by Trout, .... nice timing and call by CB Bucknor....
      In this day and age, you can't call the expected call, you call what you see, which prompts the discussion question of this video:
      Do you make the same call in a Varsity game?  I say 'hell yes' ...call what you have, period ...
    • By Thunderheads
      Ok .... I thought backwing is just a "send the runner back" ....but ...I've never been known as a rules-guru  
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    • By Thunderheads
      Your browser does not support iframes.
    • By Thunderheads
      Call stands ............
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