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The physical effects of food on you?

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OK, this is not a pleasant subject, but I think it needs to be asked, and this might be the best format to do so:  What does dining at CDP do to you?  I've heard a lot of diarrhea jokes, but if it's a widespread problem, it's not a joke.  I've had this problem.  The odd thing is, I'm not sure it's only the food.  I've had the effects when I've first arrived there, just having water & coffee.

Does the water have a peculiar taste to you?

Have you experienced diarrhea there?

Please skip the 'funny' comments.  This is a real concern.



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Last year, in week 1, I, and several others did have that issue with the lasagna.  I left the tent and it was straight to the bath house and it was all efforts to keep the sphincter in check until getting there.  I heard other umpires had the same issue.  Coaches and players as well.  And then to see it again the next day at lunch?  No thank you.  The water does have a strange taste to it, but I have gotten to where I can drink the water in most places.  Even the fishy tasting stuff when visiting Jacksonville.  That was the only issue I have had in the two years there.  This year I did eat off site at Maskots a good bit.

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Doggone it. Here I was hoping that finally, finally, we'd have a topic about nutrition for umpires, and when you eat stupid stuff, and don't mind your fitness, you start to get a whole set of spare tires around your middle and...

*sigh*. @Jocko @Jocko we need another fitness topic from you!

Well, @Mick, I have to say, in my 15 weeks at CDP (spanning 4 years), I have gotten sick off the food once or twice... Nothing violently ill, but noticeable. Contrary to my "Road Warrior" character, though, I do have a pretty limp-wristed stomach, so I can get sick off the food just about anywhere. My guess is, with CDP, it's a matter of something being undercooked (lasagna is notorious for this), or staying in storage too long (again, lasagna)... or, if you're noticing it in the water (coffee, etc.), then that usually points to a cleaning agent being used and not thoroughly rinsed off/through.

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