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"My" team won it all, Week #6

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My sponsoring team, The Chino Hills Storm, went all the way in week #6, and took the championship.  Normally, I'm outta there on Thursday, once I do a Sweet 16 or Elite Eight... this time I got the full experience.  It's amazing, seeing two teams of 12 yr olds playing their fourth game in one day.  There's a nice fireworks display before the night game, and the Little Majors field was packed.

They were the most talented group of young players I've ever seen anywhere.  Deep, quality pitching, lots of home run power, and crisp, sharp, smart defense.  

Chino Hills also won the Round-the-Horn contest.  When the throw came in from LF, the catcher bobbled it a bit.  Had he not bobbled it, the Storm would have set a new CDP record.  These guys were amazing.

I have my CDP baseball, which all the players signed for me.  I wonder what I can get for it on E-Bay..........

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