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MLBUM is by far, the best bang for your buck at around $10 w/o shipping.  

MLBUM only hits certain rules and situations, not all. 

PBUC is the same as MLBUM, with a bit more detail.

Wendelstedt is basically a rule book w/ interpretations and also the most expensive...it's likely the guides they use at umpire school.

So...it's up to you.  For me, I've found basically everything I've ever needed in the MLBUM or PBUC.

Wendelstedt covers MLBUM, PBUC, and then some...the deep cuts if you will.  

Good luck.

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@johnnyg08 would you recommend buying the PBUC Manual and/or 2-man mechanic manual, for someone trying to learn more than just the OBR.

The new PBUC manual for 2-man is very good.  They've expanded it a bit more than the old Red Book.  

If you're looking for more information on Two Man the CCA manual that Aggie mentioned is an excellent manual, especially for the money.  It comes out annually with very few changes, you're likely to find one a year old for probably free if you anybody in your area belongs to CBUA or is a registered college baseball umpire.  

Finding a CCA manual a year or two old is by far the best mechanics manual for the money because you should be able to get one for free or close to free.

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To those with an opinion...if you were to only buy one, which interp manual would you purchase: the MLBUM, PBUC or Wendelstedt's ?

I have both a MLBUM and a PBUC, which is stupid, because like @johnnyg08 said, the interpretations are the same.  I actually use the PBUC, because it's spiral bound and stays open to a page.

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Exactly, with a conscience, I simply can't pay $18 to standard ship me a book.  

So then I clicked on the Entire Package that they offer, which is like four books for $130, still $18 to ship.

Then I clicked on all four, plus another WUM, then "free shipping" appeared.

I just don't see how paying roughly 1/3 the cost of the book is even a reasonable shipping charge.  No, they shouldn't have to lose money on shipping, but there is no way that it costs anywhere near $18 to ship that book.

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Not sure what the issue was with your address and estimated shipping. It should not have been nearly that amount. Our web guys have been contacted to address the issue. I would estimate that your shipping should be somewhere around $7-$8.

Thanks for looking into it @umpschool  Much appreciated!  

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Curious to those who have purchased the new materials...how long did it take to receive the manuals?

Certainly if Hunter is the one sending these out I can understand that it will take longer due to him being on the road for work.  

I placed my order on Sept 10.  I haven't received a tracking number yet.  Waiting patiently for my off-season reading materials!  

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