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    • By jjskitours
      Bases loaded, 2 outs, B6 hits HR. He passes R1 between 1st and 2nd and is called out (3rd out). R3 was already across home and R2 was between 3rd and home. How many runs score under NF rules? Is it the same as OBR, only 1 run (time play)?
    • By Richvee
      Wanted to reach through the TV last night and choke Gary Cohen and Ron Darling during last night's Mat's game. 
      Gary:  "You know, ever since these umpires started setting up the way they do, between the catcher and the batter. There's no way they see the outside half of the plate, they're only guessing" 
      Ron:  "Well Gary, I would say it's an educated guess"
    • By chalen
      R1, two outs. Any rule set. Batter hits a home run just beyond the reach of a leaping F8. R1, thinking the ball may have been caught, freezes halfway to 2B. F8 pretends to remove the ball from his glove and throw to 1B. R1, seeing this, retreats toward 1B, and the batter-runner passes R1.
      Is the batter-runner out? If so, can R1 still score?
    • By Gfoley4
    • By Thunderheads
      Subtle move, but TR saw it and it scores a run.
      what I don't understand is, why look at the pitcher after awarding R3 home?

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