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At long last I am bringing reviews back to the site. Those of you who are long term members may remember several iterations of reviews here at Umpire-Empire.com. For multiple reasons, reviews have not been available for some time. 

I plan on making the review section public by July 1. I am in the process of manually pulling in the reviews from the old system into the new. You will see dates of reviews backing to 2008 and as I load them manually you will see additional old ones pop up. Also if you created one of the older reviews I am importing. I only used the overall rating (see below).

There are some differences in this review system versus previous versions:

  1. Only Administrators can load new items for review:
    If there is an item you would like to create a review for please PM me with the following information: (please note it may take me a week or so to get it posted)
    • Name
    • Description
      I prefer descriptions from the product manufacturer vs. a retailer, but will use a retail description. I will remove "sales-ish" verbiage (i.e. "Best ever", finest, unbeatable, etc..) 
    • Photo
  2. There is only 1 rating available. In the past there were sub-categories for reviews and the sub categories varied depending on the primary category. 
  3. In the review section there are 2 options available:
    Reviews - Where you review the product - (duh) and make comments relating to your thoughts on the product
    Comments - Use the comments to make general comments on the item. 
  4. Helpful Reviews
    Like many review sites if you find a review helpful you can help out other readers by marking a review helpful.
  5. Review sorting
    Members have the option of sorting reviews by either date or helpfulness.
  6. Ratings
    As I mentioned above there is only an overall rating (If I can improve my programming ability I will add sub categories)
    • Product average rating
      At the top of the item you will see the overall rating and how many reviews that is based on.
    • Individual rating
      At the beginning of each review you will see what that member rated the item
      Individual_Rating.thumb.PNG.1d0ebd2189dc(as you can see this one is quite old)

 So look for a reviews tab appearing in the menu bar in the next week or so...


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The reviews section is now live... :D

Please note I am still manually adding not only products, but reviews from the old system too.

Feel free to place a review on any item listed. If you would like to write a review on a product which is not listed, please PM me with the item and preferably a description and picture.

Please let me know your feedback...


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