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Umpire Over Ruling Without Conferencing with You



My first post and let me say I enjoy the forums.  Since my first post I will let you know my experience etc and then the scenario. I'm 42, umpired from age 13-21 youth ball.  Jumped back in last year and doing youth and HS.  The scenario below happened to me in a 10U AAA Gold Glove Game.

 Runners on 1st and 2nd. Home team is up no outs and it is a 17-3 ballgame bottom of the 3rd. I am in the C position.  Batter hits a bounding ball towards F6 and the runner seeing F6 charging in and veers inside the lane to avoid contact with the ball and fielder. I had no contact made and in my opinion no interference. F6 misses ball runner scores, runner from first advances to 3rd, batter to 2nd.  Here is where it gets interesting. HC from visiting team comes out and says runner interfered and made contact with F6.  I say coach I don’t have that I have the runner avoiding fielder it was close but I have no contact.  HC turns to plate ump and yells you saw him run into our fielder didn’t you and my partner kind of shrugs his shoulders and says yeah.  So now in the middle of the field we have the PU basically saying he saw contact from behind the plate that I did not have nor did I ask help with.


In this spot how do you handle what the PU did.  PU is less experienced than I am so it wasn't a matter of experienced umpire taking charge in a hostile situation.  I appreciate all opinions and look forward to the comments.  I will update with how we handled it after I read your comments as I prefer this not to turn into picking apart what we did but rather learn from those more experienced.

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My Pre-game conference quote, "If we have an appeal-able play, pulled foot, swipe tag or bobbled ball, get a time out after everything happens and go to the ump that made the call, if he needs help, we'll get it, if not, then we are playing ball. You'll lose your appeal if you do it wrong. And only you 2 managers are allowed to appeal."

​Don't. The conference is for introductions, lineups, and ground rules, as well as anything else mandated by your governing body. Too many umpires use it as a "tell the coach how to do things" session.

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