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    • By Thunderheads
      If you're an umpire and you're looking to get hooked up with teams going to Cooperstown, and you post your availability within this forum, please be advised.
      There are many of you who have 2,3,4 and MORE posts inquiring about the same week.  This is unproductive, and clogs the site unnecessarily.
      If you've posted, and you're not getting any traction, or replies, simply respond to your own post with something like; "still looking" or anything of the like.  By responding, you will place your post up at the top.   That being said, that isn't an open invitation to reply to your post every day either    
      ** IMPORTANT!:  Remember, you will make it easier on yourself if you only post once also because all of your info and responses will be from one post.  And, it's easier and more simple for people to find YOU if you only have ONE post.
      Multiple posts with the same inquiry will be deleted.
      Again, please be courteous to everyone, post only once when you are inquiring about finding a team to go to Cooperstown.
      Thanks, and good luck!
    • By Thawk
      So, working the last game of the night on Wednesday.  In the rabbit.  Bottom of the 1st, First batter gets plunked in the shoulder region and starts to head down to first.  PU signals time, and states that the batter did not attempt to evade the ball, so no HBP.  Head Coach comes out of the dugout, requests time, and walks straight toward the PU.  In the process he says something that makes the 1st base umpire nearly bust out laughing.  so later between innings, I go over to take to the BU.  He tells me that the coach walked to the PU, and said "You'ld better have a reason, and it BETTER BE GOOD!"
    • By JaxRolo
      Got selected to work 1st base on the Championship game Week 1 .

      It was an excellent game. Back on forth.
    • By Thunderheads
      Please be advised that if you see a post here in the Cooperstown Dream Park forum with the title: Need Umpire, or Umpire Needed posted by JaxRolo, the information he posts are teams looking for an umpire through a site that he runs:
      YOU, as an interested umpire, are responsible for contacting the team, thus, that is why their contact information is posted.
      Do not reply to JaxRolo's post, because the team that he posts looking for an umpire do not belong to this site and cannot see your response.   Rolando posts this information to help the umpires here get hooked up with a team for CDP.
      Again... YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for contacting the team.
    • By MadMax
      Week 5, June 28th-July 3rd, 2014
      I (@MadMax) will be a Crew Chief with my crew on Field 1. Tune in if you wish.
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