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Looking for some shin guards

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Hello to all! Hope this find you all doing well and enjoying your season. My shin guards have completely rusted out at the buckle and broke the strap, thus making them practically useless. LOL! So, I thought I would jump on here and see if anyone had any decent guards that they would like to sell. Ive got a growing family at home who eats like a barn full of thoroughbreds. So, I'm on a budget at the moment. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a quality pair to keep my bird legs safe with a little life left in them. Lol. I would like the single knee style instead of the style that fits around your thigh.  Thanks for your time and thanks for looking. PM me if you got anything. Thanks!

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Yes, as @Big_Mac14 points out (and I reviewed over here), the best shinguards to get are the Force3 Ultimate Shinguards. They'll be the last shinguards you potentially ever buy.

But, you said the "B"-word (no, not Balk), and thus, these come to mind:

The Champros are good. The Diamond DLG's have the removable metatarsal guard, and have snap-closure hardware. The +POS BB313's have the patella plate (which is very good to have).

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I would recommend the Honigs K2010. They are around $60. They come in 5 sizes. They buckles are plastic and won't rust. The padding is removable and washable. They are not low profile but they are 100% bullet proof. 

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I have a pair of old wilsons that I'd sell for shipping+ $.01 they are a little beaten up but if your just looking for something to get by they might suit you. If your looking for something that will last and you will love all the suggestions above are better options. 

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    • By redroofwoodworker
      So I opened a topic earlier about a new CP.  I decided to go with the Schutt/Adams.  My next question is about the Schutt Scorpion leg guards.  They look good, but I can't find any sites that have reviews. I also can't seem to find any pics that show the pads on the inside. Has anyone used these?  I am brand new to the college level.  Just attended MAU clinic. Just got assigned my first college game, fall ball.  So I need college level equipment.  I have read good stuff about the champion leg guards, but they look extremely big and bulky.  What does everyone think about wearing good quality catchers shin guards?  I have done that the last few years at the high school level and have been fine.  I"m talking about college now though.  I found a good deal on some Mizuno Samurai shin guards that look adequate.    I'm not into spending an arm and a leg on my equipment.  I like to stay under a hundred.  I might drop over that on a mask, but I'm pretty frugal otherwise.  
    • By JLUmipires
      I am selling... 
      West Vest Gold Chest Protector 11 inch $80 or Best Offer
      Wilson Platnium Shin Gaurds 15.5 inch $50 or Best Offer
      Nike Mask with Team Wendy pads. 
      Best offer for Nike Mask. Shipping paid by buyer. Ready to ship immediately. Finally added pics. Dm me. Thank you.


      Best offer for Nike Mask. Shipping paid by buyer. Ready to ship immediately. Finally added pics.
    • By sd181612
      Looking for these shin guards 17”. They seem to be the or predecessors to the current ones offered by Douglas (if anyone has info on that it’d be great). If you have these, please PM me.

    • By gnhbua93
      Up for sale the following items:
      1 Wilson A3009x - with wrap around pads
      1 Wilson A3009 - with wrap around pads
      2 Wilson A3077 steel powder coated in shiny black by Mask-It Sports - in excellent condition
      2 Wilson A3077 titanium - in excellent condition
      2 Wilson Platinum shin guards 18.5" -  1 in very good condition 1 in excellent condition
      1 Gerry Davis 17.5" Original shin guards - in excellent condition
      1 Gerry Davis 17.5" new version shin guards - brand new in package
      1 Honig's shin guards 19" - in excellent condition
      1 Vintage WV Gold M/L - in excellent condition
      1 Wilson umpire equipment bag - in very good condition
      1 Wilson catcher equipment bag - in very good condition
      1 FUL bag - brand new in the box
      3 Tan Team Wendy pads - in excellent condition
      2 Wilson A3815 wrap around tan pads - in excellent condition
      2 Nike pads navy blue - brand new
      2 Wilson foam pads - brand new
      1 New Balance 950 B/W mid cut base shoe 11.5 EEEE - brand new
      1 New Balance 450 B/W 450 plate shoe 14 EEEE - in brand new
      1 New Balance 450 B/W 450 plate shoe 14 D - in good condition
      1 Mizuno Japan 2QA-122 - in excellent condition
      1 Mizuno Japan 2QA-129 - in excellent condition
      1 navy blue plate coat 44L - in new condition
      1 New Balance T550 low cut base shoe 13 D with an additional New Balance sure lace 54" in black  - brand new
      All the items in brand new, excellent or very good condition. Prices to be determined later. PayPal Friends and Family. Seller pays shipping.
    • By codizzle
      Hello all - 
      I have these things to sell:
      LIKE NEW 17" Douglas Shin Guards: $150 + $10 shipping - SOLD
      I bought these brand new from UA.com last May. I used them for six games during last summer and have used them for four games this year so far. 
      USED Matte Black Diamond Aluminum Mask (FRAME ONLY): $35 shipped
      I got this used about a month ago from a member this site. I have never worn this mask. It is in good condition.

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