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So last night I'm BU in a 10U game where they can't leave until the ball crosses the plate.  PU has already gotten two on the night for being off the bag while the pitcher is about to pitch (still haven't figured out where the 2nd one thought she was going).  R2 and I modified my position to make sure I could see runner and battery in the same view.  The coach  has the system of holding up his hand and then waving the girl when she is supposed to come to third.  Well, the pitch is half way to the plate and R2 is off to the races.  I kill the play and call the runner out to end the inning (second one for the crew in the top of the 1st inning of the 2nd game)  The coach comes up to argue saying that she doesn't move until he signals her.  So I ask him, were you watching the runner?  "Yes!"  Coach, did you see the ball cross the plate?  "Yes"  How did you see both of these take place at your angle as the base coach?  "How can you see both?"  In the position I was at, I can most definitely see both and clearly had your runner off of the base on the way to third before th ball came close to the plate, the runner is out.  


I managed to set the coach up to trip over his own words and didn't even realize I was doing it.

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