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UE_Bad.thumb.png.f50c746be9a6de987016e3fSometimes when I bring up U-E, the interface allows me to skip to home...other times it only allows one page back at a time (a single button that gives the next highest (back) level). I don't know if I have any control over this U-E "look". It seems random when I come to U-E. I am starting to exit U-E whenever this undesirable "look" appears...as I am about to do as soon as I send this post.


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@ricka56 What you are experiencing is the difference between the mobile and standard version of the site.

When you see the image like what you captured above the system is detecting your resolution is below X (750px I believe) and it feeds you the mobile version which is much more streamlined than the full version. You will get this version even on a laptop/pc when the maximum width available falls below approx 750px.

There are a few other options which also kick in at the smaller version to make the site much more mobile friendly.


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