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Info and tips for first timer?

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MadMax, where do you get CDP put on a hat?  I'm looking into getting one that will actually fit my coconut.  


I did 4 or 5 plate games last year without plate shoes....that will not be the case this year though.  ​

@ZebraStripes, you asked for it...

I bought about a dozen Richardson hats from Epic Sports in the appropriate, requested sizes, and then went to a local embroidery shop. You can usually count on them having a bunch of goofy SH*# local school SH*# spirit wear bursting from arranged upon every corner its racks. If they do that sort of completely unnecessary high volume SH*# work, then they are able to do a few hats, surely. They will likely be gobsmacked surprised and bowled over delighted to do something  unique.

Here's the pattern we found works best, and looks most complementary to CDP's own used font...


I used the second one. It turns out that one of my fellow Ghosts used the first one for his. But all of the hats I produced used that second font, and it was very well received. On Navy hats, the outline is White (what you see as green above) and the fill is Red (what you see as blue above). On Black hats, the outline is White, and the fill is Black. You _could_ do a different fill, such as Sky blue or Silver or Iron / Charcoal or Red (like my colleague did), but I found the Black fill to be the most versatile. Do Note: These letters are only 1" high – any larger, they look gaudy, any smaller they look miniscule.

For $2 (?) additional, I had the embroiderer stitch on, in white letters, our own nicknames on the back of the hat, both for ID and anti-pilfering purposes. Of course, mine says "MAD MAX" (these are 3/8" high).

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