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2015 NFHS Part I Exam


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does anyone have the answers to this exam?? ive taken it twice and both times have scores 75% needed to score 80 or higher but can only retake it once so im done with my retakes thanks

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Yes, it's open book in MN.


If you have scored 75 both times, I suggest you get into your rule book.  By that I mean, look up every-single-question.  There are several answers that are word-for-word in the rule book. 


If you do that you will increase your score.  Missing that many questions tells me that you're not using the rule book.


Get your nose in the rule book.  


The answers will be released at the end of the test window.

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I've seen a test from 2013 that has the answers online. Did you get a study guide? I found the 2013, 2014 and the study guide, looked up every answer, and wrote the rule references on the tests. I got a 91(we take a 100 question test in CA) which I am happy with as I have only been doing softball for a year. Most of the ones I missed were ones I knew the answer to and misread or were bad (IMO) questions.

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