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***More Gear Will be Added to this Thread****


1.     Wilson WV Platinum (Size L/XL)- Used but in like new condition (around 15 games). Virtually no marks on the CP. SOLD


2.     Original Wilson WV 13.5†Protector (WTA3209) - This is the original WV that Wilson made. It is new w/tags. It is not the current 3209, but the older one with the original WV graphics. Would be a great protector to use or have as a collectors item. There are some minor scratches on the service of the plates from storage, but this has not been worn in a game. SOLD


3.     All-Star System 7 CP 15" (L) (CPU 4000) + Extra set New of CP padding Gear was used for about ½ of a season +/- 20 plate games. Gear is in good condition. Delta-Flex on the CPU is brand new and never worn. About a ½ to ¼ inch was removed from the neck area of the chest plate. It allowed for a little freer neck movement….I am one of those big/short necked people and stock this protector does not work well for people with a large neck. I will also include a brand new set of replacement pads for the CPU. SOLD


4.   Double Knee Shin Guards 17" (S) (LGU 2000)- The shin guards show a little rust on the on the buckles, but are in good shape.



5.   Wilson WV Gold (L/XL)- Older model with the late WV on the chest. In good shape. A great candidate to purchase if you are thinking of a Team Wendy Upgrade. SOLD


Nothing is wrong with any of this stuff. I have a bunch of gear and I need to cut back on what I don’t use. I would feel comfortable wearing any of this gear at any level I umpire (LL, HS, JUCO, NCAA DIII). Please PM me if you have any questions. Check my record on the transaction experience thread. Paypal only (send money to a friend so everyone avoids fees). I might put some on Ebay, but trying here first. I like to keep good gear in the family.

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@slo8140 PM sent.

@gnhbua93 probably bought it all already.  

@bam negotiating first.

Interested in the All-Star CP and shins. What are you asking please?

Check your PMs

Sending everyone PMs that inquired yesterday. At the ER with one of my kids, so it is taking a little time.

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All Gear is still available have had several inquiries. Make me an offer via PM and we can negotiate. Not looking for a trade at this time...unless it involves a mizuno plastic shovel type throat guard in black.


Trying to thin the herd, not add to it. Stuff will go on Ebay early next week if no takers here.

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3.     All-Star System 7 CP 15" (L) (CPU 4000) + Extra set New of CP padding SOLD


Possible Sale on


5.   Wilson WV Gold (L/XL)-


Will update later tonight if it has benn sold.


The All Star Shins and the Platinum are still available

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