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What did you get for XMAS?


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@umpstu. You're hilarious.

My son asked for my umpire.org/ABUA log in and pw. He also asked what I wanted. I asked him for some Force3 socks and an underarmour jockstrap. Was that weird?

Sort of a turn about on when you're a kid and your parents/grandparents give you socks and underwear for Christmas? Now I'm so old I want those things for gifts. Hahahaha.

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"Paul and Ted" got me an obscure Schutt mask that weighs next to nothing but has terrible pads and a too big harness. "They" also got me one of those Champion chest protectors that looks really bad in the photos online but pretty decent in person.

Not gear related, I got a book by Pam Postema and maybe a hundred baseball cards, including a Red Sox Yoenis Cespedes, ASG Andrew McCutchen, and a David Price. :eek:

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A new hip next Monday.  Perfect match for my other one I got 14 years ago.    That's both by the age of 52.  Football and powerlifting have paid dividends.  Do umps get music when they go out to the plate too?  If so, I want Iron Man (technically titanium and zirconia).    I did get new McDavids with the hip spica.  It simulates a hip wrap.  Nice and tight.   That should hold everything tight this spring.  I just hope I don't rust...

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