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First High School Game

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I called my first high school game(s) tonight. :HD: Had the dish for the first one and was about ready to tell my partner not to worry about it, I'd take the second one too but he said he was looking forward to it so, to the field I went. We had two JV games, and if I wasn't hooked before, I am now. :(

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Some worse than others.

I do recommend though to follow along with the schedule for positions of the umpires. If you are scheduled to work plate first then do that and the bases second. There can be problems if you work both plates as something could happen and the assignor gets called and is looking for your partner rather than you... or vice versa.

Only way you should ever switch is with the approval of your assignor or if you absolutely have to due to an injury to your partner or yourself or if you have to work the game solo.

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Our assignor asigns our positions except on doubles. It is expected we will each work one base/one plate but it is up to us on order.

Same here. Everything is on the Arbiter and even before that it was written on paper what position we were in.

As for DHs we go by the first game assigned. For instance, I have a JuCo DH at the end of March in which I am to be on the plate the first game. So we will go with that and I will work the plate the first game and the bases second. If we want to change we have to call, notify, and get the ok from our assignor.

It makes everything easier (that and the plate guy has to file a game report after the game).

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