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New to the site...and umpiring


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Hello, my name is Tony, and I am in the very beginning stages of my umpiring journey...the very beginning: I will take my first Ohio High School Athletic Association softball umpiring classes starting in January of 2015.


I have been on the "other side" for over 14 years: a high school and travel fastpitch softball coach. For years, I have toyed around with the idea of umpiring; recently, however, the desire to umpire has turned into a strange obsession. I cannot fully explain why this change in me has occurred, but I know it is very real.


The good thing about coaching in well over 700 high school / travel ball games is that I hold very few illusions about the job of umpiring. It is a hard and thankless job at times. Like anything, there are pros and cons. But, I hope that the transition into umpiring will be fun one (despite some headaches along the way). 


I plan to umpire in PGF and ASA softball events in 2015. I hope to umpire some OHSAA varsity softball games as well as some Junior College softball games in the coming years as I develop. Umpiring in baseball is also something I would like to do in the coming years, but I think that starting in my sport (fastpitch softball) is the logical first step.


I thoroughly enjoy the site and the discussions/posts on this forum. They are inspiring and informative. 


Any way, good luck to all the umpires on this board!


Tony from Cleveland

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1. Forget everything you think you know about the rules.

2. Stay engaged with any mentors or resources that will help you untangle concepts you encounter (such as here.)

3. Call strikes.

4. Enjoy yourself, and remember that there will be days where it seems too easy, and days where it seems impossible.

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Hi Tony. 

I just joined this site today, but have been umpiring for about 8 years after coaching for over 20.

It does become an obsession.

It gets in your blood and on rainy days you will feel withdrawal symptoms.

In 14 years and 700 games, I'm sure you saw the entire spectrum of umpiring.

If I could give you any advice it would be this: Be the umpire you wanted to have when you were coaching.

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Hello.  I'm Bob, from Carlisle PA, and have just started my umpire journey.  This was my first season and I am hooked.  I got an umpire "high" when I was a field ump in a Legion game.  Nothing like being in the field. The fast plays and an extreme adrenaline rush.  


While stationed in Iraq, a very good friend, Lynn Primeaux, got me a book about umpiring, You're the Umpire: 139 Scenarios to Test Your Baseball Knowledge.  I love the book and I had a lot of questions after that.


I have a great mentor ump in the local area and I cannot wait to have my first rules clinic in February.  It is killing me to wait this long.


I look forward to learning more from this forum and have really appreciated the equipment blog.  


I would love a DVD for an iMac/apple.  Was bummed about the umpire DVD that was listed on the equipment area that was only for PC.


Look forward to learning more,


Bob in PA

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