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Honig's PW's size 38 plate and base

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Would you be interested in a trade? I've got a charcoal Wilson West Vest CP plus $20 that I throw at ya?

Are your Honigs' charcoal or Heather?

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No, thank you.  I have 1 V-Pro, 1 WVP, 1 Gold L/XL, 2 Vintage gold M/L, 1 Wilson West Vest and 1 Original Patent Pending Douglas West Vest.  I think I'm good with chest protectors but will soon add the Force3 cp to the mix.

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Are these Poly Wools Charcoal?

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    • By Kevin_K
      I have three pairs of Honig's polywools that are too large. They are still in great shape, but I have no plan to ever fit into them again. All are 36 inch waist and are hemmed for 29 1/2'" inseam. The plate pants actually have an inseam about 27" but that's because the crotch is roomier and lower than most pants. 
      Plate pants - PS1; $40 + shipping
      Base Pants - PS2; $40+ shipping
      Plate Pants - Newer style - seems like the style number continually changes; $30 + shipping
      Friends and Family please 
      Left to right: PS2, PS1, New style polywools plate

    • By CarterCaplanTheUmp
      Hello fellow umpires:
      I bought a pair of New Balance 460 V3 Lo Cut Plate Shoes and they are about a size too big. They are size 10. I have never worn them on the field, wore them about 3 times trying to see if double socks would work, yet they did not. Please email me if you are interested. I can send pictures in email. I am asking $85.00.
      Thank you,
      Carter Caplan
    • By Mad Mike
      OBR Rule Set:
      Runner on First, outs don't matter. Pitcher rolls through coming set, delivers ball (count was 2-1). Umpires call "Balk". Batter takes pitch without swinging. R1 stealing on the pitch. Catcher throws it into centerfield.
      R1 rounds second and heads for third. 
      I think there was an error when the "Time" was called and the runner was placed back at second. R1 should have been allowed to advance at his own jeopardy. If he made third, then bonus for him. If he was thrown out, then under OBR-he is out.  We would nullify the pitch and play on, correct?
      I believe this was confused with an interference call where if the catcher does not retire the runner on the immediate throw-we kill the play.
      Any comments and/or rule references would be appreciated.
    • By BT_Blue
      I have a pair of the old Hardwicks make Honigs Polywool Base pants for sale. Size 40. Hemmed to 30 length with another 2 or so inches in room. Always dry cleaned, never sent through the wash.
      I am looking to sell them for $50 plus shipping.

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