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WV Douglas CP 15" for sale

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I have a freshly re-conditioned 15" WV Douglas for Sale


New Velcro, new strap and T-hooks, cleaned the padding, re-stitched the whole outside of padding, new rivets.


Also added the extra shoulder pads for maximum protection!


The 15" is a bit too big for me. Want to save some money to buy either a Wilson Ti or a Nike Ti.


Make offer!


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I have a Wilson Ti 3077 if you're interested

<br />Looking for standard profile.

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I LOVE my low profile Ti and my Cro-Mo low-pro I got from ACPAR72.  Got punked in face twice this weekend, Thursday night in a MINK league, College wood bat league, game with plenty of upper 80s/low 90s pitching by guys expected to be drafted next week AND in high school showcase on Saturday. Mask just flopped off, no headache, no jaw stiffness, no nothing.  Just pick it up and play on.  No time out for injured umpire required.  (Took one hopper directly to the UnderArmour recalled cup as well with nothing more than a pressure like I was "Thwacked" by a finger on the old tallywhacker.  Again no timeout for umpire injury just laughs all around when the pop and the ball bouncing thirty feet back towards pitcher from the direct hit.)  Nothing funnier than an umpire taking one in the pills!


Try it you'll like it.  A Lot.  You can definitely see more.   However, if you have a big Schnozzola, then forget it.  It will sit right on that bad boy.

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    • By boyinr
      Anyone out there have a Douglas with Tee Hooks and a Force 3 harness?  I ham considering sending mine in to add the tee hooks but, I don't want to make my harness obsolete.   
    • By gnhbua93
      I just saw this on the Douglas pads Facebook page.
      May he rest in peace.
    • By sd181612
      I just got my Doug (“treat yoself” birthday present....with some help) in 13”. However, I can’t seem to get the shoulder pads over, ironically, my shoulders; they dry looking forward and it looks bulky with the majestic(Sz M) on. Any tips???

    • By sd181612
      Now, before I come across as a jerk or WAY too optimistic person, I had hopes that someone out there in this huge community of ours had a cool CP such as the Power or a Douglas that wasn't in the best condition and they are willing to part with for a LOW or what they think is reasonable. 
      As you all know, my league has this "Rule of 18" where an umpire cannot behind the plate unless he or she is 18. Well, I will be 18 just a few weeks after the Spring season starts, SO... HOME PLATE HERE I COME!!! I wanted to wear something that would celebrate such occasion/achievement, I, still can't believe it, was gifted my dream mask by one of my favorite players and I was looking to see if one of you out there could help me complete the "set" with the CP. 
      Thanks again and I apologize if I come across as snobbish,
    • By BrianC14
      Just received the harness to replace the original on my Platinum CP.
      Mere words aren't enough.  This. Harness. Is. Beyond. AWESOME.
      An added feature is that it has been personalized, which is icing on the cake !   Woo hoo !
      Thanks @Razzer for the fantastic work, and thanks also to @MadMax for the referral !
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