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Almost a tragedy yesterday

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Had the plate in a LL 50/70 game yesterday. R3 and pitcher throws a WP. Runner comes full speed down the line and slides into home. At the same time the catcher (HSM off) recovers the ball, comes almost directly 3BLX, and dives head first into home, trying for a tag. Tag is way too late, but as R3 slides over the plate, his cleat goes directly into F2's throat (F2 was chest down on the ground). I signal safe and immediately stop play. We carefully turn the player over, more worried about a crushed larynx or slashed carotid (metal cleats being ok in this division) than a broken neck. F2 has cleat marks all over his neck and is having trouble breathing, but seems ok once he calms down. Nurse comes out of the stands, checks him out, and says she is finding nothing major wrong. Kid sits for awhile, ends up going back into the game as F9. I seriously considered suspending the game (his team would have been down to 8 players), but went with the medical professional's opinion as well as my own impression of his injury once he calmed down. Damn kids are resilient.

I have to say, watching that happen scared the crap out of me. I knew it was going to be bad as soon as I saw that F2 lay out for the tag. Took me about an inning to get most of the "what if's" out of my head. Damn kids...

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    • By Thunderheads
      ouch ....
      he was in the 'zone' and took a 92 mph fastball to the forearm
    • By JaxRolo
      Anyone have a video of how the injury occurred?
    • By kylehutson
      Now that I've gotten the feel of this site, I'll relate the night of my first game behind the plate a few years ago.
      Rec league, 13U. R2. Batter gets a fair hit to F8 who chases it down and throws hard to home where R2 is coming in. Looks like it might be a close one. R2 slides and comes up about 6" short of the plate while the ball sails past F2 and hits the fence. F2, thinking the run has already scored trots over to the ball. R2 is still 6" short of the plate with his left leg outstretched and his right foot under his left knee. F2 finally realizes the runner hasn't scored and tags him for the out. (This whole time BR is standing on 2B, not trying to advance). R2 has a look of pain on his face and says "my wrist", so I call the coach to come look at him. He rolls over and that's when everybody realizes it wasn't his wrist....it was his ankle, which is pointing much more toward his knee than an ankle ever should.
      We had to suspend the game for nearly 20 minutes to wait for the ambulance to come and get him.
      Your first game at the plate is always exciting, but I think mine was more exciting than most.
    • By Mike Prince
      Didn't look all that bad live or on replay, I always notice that most of the MLB umpires do little in their stances to try and protect their hands.  Surprised this doesn't happen more.
      And yes, Don Orsillo says "foul tip" about a million times.
    • By Thunderheads
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