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Speaking of the Therma Base ....

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My first ThermaBase experience was in Boston. I own a Navy Boston away TB I bought in Boston when I visited Fenway with my kids while on leave from Afghanistan in Sept. 2010. I don't think they were making them for us non-professional umpires at that time but I liked the look, features and warmth of the jacket so I decided that I would buy one for umpiring if it became available and if I ever got out of Afghanistan.

I'm now the proud owner of two Majestic TB jackets-white stripes purchased from Ump-Attire and the powder/polo blue striped one purchased from Honig's. I wear them both a lot in the frozen and windy Midwest during spring college season, men's league fall games and college fall scrimmages. One of my favorite umpiring items for sure. And yes, since I sold my plate coats this winter I've worn it on the plate (Untucked) a few times. It works fine. Nobody comes to these frozen tundra games when I need it and it's usually so cold nobody notices or cares.

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    • By CarterCaplanTheUmp
      Hello fellow umpires:
      I bought a pair of New Balance 460 V3 Lo Cut Plate Shoes and they are about a size too big. They are size 10. I have never worn them on the field, wore them about 3 times trying to see if double socks would work, yet they did not. Please email me if you are interested. I can send pictures in email. I am asking $85.00.
      Thank you,
      Carter Caplan
    • By BrianC14
      Last night I was watching Greg Gibson work the plate.  From my vantage point (not terribly close, down LF line) I noticed that he seems to initially set up a bit behind F2, then as F1 is about to release, he leans way forward and almost puts his chin  on F2's inside shoulder.   It was then that I realized that although he wears a bucket, he doesn't use a throat guard, and his neck is very much exposed when using that "look in" thing that he does.
    • By LMSANS
      R3, 1 out, Fly ball to F8.  Runner tags...and here is what happened.  I know you want me on 3BX, but I have always done 1BX and can't break the habit.  Offensive coach was asking about blocking the plate without the ball.  I felt that F2 gave the back of the plate.
      I made the out call after seeing the ball.
      Any comments?

    • By Umpire in Chief
      Finally, an umpire jacket that keeps you warm and dry in the coldest conditions- without bulky weight of a heavier jacket.
      Same jackets worn by MLB umpires 100% woven polyester technical soft shell exterior Bonded Therma Base fleece interior for comfort Windproof, water resistant, and moisture wicking provides protection in a range of weather conditions. Four-way stretch for maximum comfort Black body with polo blue and white shoulder stripes Sized to accommodate chest protector underneath- size down for wearing on the bases Weights S- 2X range 1.8 lbs.- 2.5 lbs.
    • By ntimmerman
      So after years of wanting a plate coat but not willing to pull the trigger because of the price, I finally bit the bullet and placed an order with Honigs the first week in January for a B3S Plate Coat. I could just imagine putting it on for the first time with my Honigs Poly Wools and perfectly shined New Balance plate shoes - it would be like putting on a tuxedo! First class all the way! At least that is my opinion...
      To be fair, Honigs web site says "Plate coats are for sale by special order only. Delivery typically takes 12 weeks. Special order item - non-returnable." When I placed the order on the phone, I was told 8-12 weeks for delivery. While I hoped that it would come in 8 weeks, I expected 12 and did not start calling Honigs to find out the status until the full 3 months had passed. That is when the situation went from bad to WORSE.
      I understand that Honigs outsources the product and thus have little control on when the coat comes to them. However, they have full control over their customer service. I sent 3 e-mails to which I never received a response. I placed 5 calls to the Michigan office looking for someone who could update me on this. Each time I was told "let me check on that and I will call you back." I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL BACK IN ANY INSTANCE, which is unacceptable under any circumstance. Finally on call 6 (today) I was told that the coat should be at Honigs within 7-10 days. So here is the timeline I have been dealing with:
      January 7 - Order placed
      March 4 - 8 week point (Longshot - but based on Honigs statement on the phone, the first date that my coat might arrive)
      April 1 - 12 weeks since order was placed. First tried to contact Honigs via email
      April 6 - First call placed to Honigs
      April 23 - 6th call placed to Honigs. Told to expect 7-10 more days before it arrives at Michigan office. I expect this is business days and not calendar days.
      If I give Honigs the benefit of the doubt and it takes only 7 calendar days to get to the Michigan office, then 3 business days to ship to South Carolina, the earliest I might have it is May 5th. However, I think it is reasonable to expect at this point that the date will more likely be May 12th or beyond. 
      That is 125 days, or just shy of 18 weeks!!!! And the best that Honigs will offer me is a $20 gift certificate towards my next purchase. Yep. Twenty whole dollars!
      Needless to say, Honigs will never see another penny from me. And if anyone out there has been looking for a 44 Long plate coat, keep your eyes on ebay. I'll even put the Honigs gift certificate in the pocket for you! 
      By the way, the average temperature in South Carolina on May 12th is 83 degrees.
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