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Play at the plate.


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New plate collision rule in action. I like the spirit of the rule, but right here I think it might have been misapplied. The plate wasn't blocked until the catcher had already received the ball. This wasn't reviewed, but upon review I do believe the runner would have been safe anyway as you can see the ball come out of the glove and into the bare hand before the runner contacts the glove. The bare hand never touches the runner with the ball. The PU was totally blocked from this hence why I say he would've been safe on review anyway. 

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According to post-game comments, Carlson ruled Castro safe at home because he was never properly tagged (notice the ball in F2's bare hand). Hurdle told reporters it was explained to him as a simple safe/out (tag play) call without Rule 7.13 implications and he simply opted not to challenge it.


Carlson: "His foot touched the plate before the catcher had possession and control of the ball. I didn't have him violating any rules for the collision play; If he has the ball securely, he would have been able to block the plate"

Hurdle: "I chose not to challenge."



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Hurdle should have reviewed this.....the rule is here, take advantage of it.....on the radio this am, hurdle said...." I chose not to review"....and took no more questions about it.....









(full disclaimer......................LETS GO BUCS!)

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