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Diamond ix3 featherweight silver mask w/ Team Wendy Pads

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Hey guys.  Listed it on Ebay 2 minutes ago but wanted to give you the Buy It Now opportunity.  $75 for the rig, shipped.  Would cost about $109 to do it yourself.  Only flaw is the slit on the TW pads, as I used them on an All-Star fm4000 mask.  


Bought an All-Star TI from boyinr, so this one became expendable.


Diamond ix3 mask is a lightweight beast, if you're not aware.  Should easily last a decade.


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How much does it expand?


lol, I'm not a teacher or anything  (hides in shame).  


Expands from small heads to large!   I'll fix it.

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Man, and I thought I have had a decent turnover regarding equipment.

By the way. I rocked the FinnShins at the PBUA weekend clinic this weekend and got nothing but compliments from any that noticed it.

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