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Texas Umpires...What is your take on this?

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The OP is news BUT we are still in the US.   Innocent until proven gulity.

Does the name Tony Timmons ring a bell?

uh, yeah. For those that don't know, he is the state Director of Officiating for all Texas high schools. He was one of the speakers at the TASO baseball state meeting a few weeks ago.


The report was short on details other than to say that property was missing and Timmons was charged with theft. I tried to find other reports, but couldn't find any. He's kindof a mucky-muck...I'm surprised that this news item hasn't gotten more publicity.

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Once proven innocent, can we have the details of where the 20k-100k really went, or was it an accounting error (would the accountant who mis-keyed on the keyboard or misinterpreted an asset from a liability get sacked?). Keep us posted since there is still 20k-100k unaccounted for and not just 2-10 dollars missing.

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