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Got a lot of umpire shirts, ranging in color, size, and age. I'm trying to attach some pictures, but make an offer (single or combos) and let's see what we can do.

The red shirts (one large, one medium) are Ump-Attire shirts and are lightly worn. Maybe 2-3 games each at most. Bought them at the end of a season and our association signed a deal with Honig's the next year.

The cream shirts are both Honig's but the shirt on the right is the newer style. The shirt on the left is a bit more worn if you can't tell. Both large.

The blue shirts range in trim and brand. You can see the trim but if you have questions I can take pictures of them individually. Some black trim, red/navy trim, and navy/white trim. Cliff Keen, Dalco, and Ump-Attire. UA is a medium, the others are large.

I also have two referee shirts, both large. One Dalco and one Smitty.







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The Ump Attire powder with black collar, is it a medium or large? If its a large, how much you want for the newer creme large Honig, the red large Ump Attire, and the Ump Attire powder(if its a large)? What would you take for those shipped? 

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