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All Star System 7 Shins - LGU1000

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I have a pair of barely used All Star System 7 shin guards for sale, or preferably trade.  Looking to work a trade for a 15 inch System 7 CP.  These shins just don't fit my legs well.  Bought them from a D1 umpire that said he used them once.  I have used them twice.


They are actually the LGU2000, but the D1 umpire decided to remove the upper knee plate, which makes them identical to the 1000's.





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    • By BT_Blue
      I have a 15" Black Douglas chest protector that I would like to trade for a 15" System7 chest protector or something along those lines (no West Vest unless it is a retrofitted Gold).
      I have only worn it once last July. And don't have the time or willingness to try and form the plates. Especially the bottom one.
    • By MadMax
      Alright fellow umpires, we know you’re out there... you love shined leather shoes, looking just like the ol’ Big Leaguers (umpires... who cares about the players?), and lament the movement toward mesh-comprised trainers that are “impossible” to keep clean and won’t take the shine you’re only too proud to perfect.
      Sorry, alas, I cannot dwell in your camp any longer. It’s just too damned hot here in Arizona.
      But, you can have my shoes! These are the first-version MU950’s, in the mid-cut, that the Major Leagues wore and featured for a couple of seasons. They do have the white mid-sole and big N on the sides, and they’re in meticulous, clean, intact condition. I only trotted these out for “big” games in Wisconsin, New York, and Iowa, and never in the rain (which kept them from being worn a lot in Wisconsin... and New York... ). When I relocated to Arizona, I wore them for one game (Perfect Game), trying to impress my new colleagues, and within minutes, my feet were frying under the inescapable sun. From then on, I put them back in the box and invested in other more ventilated shoes for the bases.
      Now I’m off to the Dakotas to work a season of Independent league baseball, and luggage space being a premium, I’m not likely to bring them... so it’s best if one of you guys took them off my... hands?... err... feet?...
      As noted, they are Size 11-D and the treads are still completely intact. I’m asking for $35 + reasonable shipping (if you are interested in buying, give me your zip code and I’ll get the shipping quotes and options). PM for photos and interest.
    • By Dawn Rosinski
      Looking to purchase a plate jacket for my son. Sz 42. It’s been on his Christmas list for the last few years. He umpires many D2 college games and wants to look his best. He’s been moving up and is considering Umpire school in Florida. 
    • By BrianC14
      For Sale:  
      New Balance 450;  Size 10 D;  well cared for over the years.  I had two pair of these, and rotated them during the seasons.
      This pair had some stitching give way on the toe caps.  The right shoe resulted in a small tear in the leather (see pics) but the stitching and tear have been repaired professionally on both shoes.
      Asking $50 + $10 for shipping (expected cost there is about $14).  Will ship to anywhere in 48 states USA.
      These would make a good first plate shoe for someone, or a backup pair to wear on wet days when you don't want to mess up your new ones.
      Thanks for looking.  

    • By kstrunk
      So I switched from my beloved Schutt XV to the All Star System 7, for various reasons. And as usual when we have a new CP, I was eagerly anticipating a 'good shot' off of it, which I got Monday.
      Coaches and Catcher estimate 85-87 mph (it's where this kid normally sits) four seamer, barely knicked the bat and hit me hard, directly on the right clavicle. Only felt that something impacted the CP, sounded like a shot gun went off, but didn't feel ANYTHING underneath. I was impressed. 
      I bought it for the clavicle protection, and it didn't disappoint! Catcher was sure I should be hurt, he asked me twice, but I literally didn't feel anything. 
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