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2014 Pro School attendees

Pro School  

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  1. 1. If you are heading to Pro-School which one

    • Wendelstedt
    • Umpire School

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I enjoy this time after the World Series as a lot of topics about pro school come up.

I know every year Umpire-Empire members head to both/all the schools and seem to come back with some great stories and experiences. This year based on what people have written it doesn't seem as many are going or atleast not talking about it.


I think we have a few who have even been picked up by the minor leagues. 


SO are you attending a school and if so which one?

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If you are doing anything with the school, either be in uniform or dress pants and polo shirt. Stay away from instructors if you see them outside of school, including the hotel bar. If you aren't look

F@#k you all!       Kidding - I'm just jealous.

I would say that a big thing to do in school is to keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open. Show up in the cages any chance you get and study your ass off. Don't even go there thinking you know how to umpire. You don't know how to do it the way they will teach it. These schools are incredible. I wish I had the bucks to go again, just for the experience. You have no idea how much better you will be when you graduate. And for those going, good luck. Hope to see you in the bigs some day.

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If you are doing anything with the school, either be in uniform or dress pants and polo shirt. Stay away from instructors if you see them outside of school, including the hotel bar. If you aren't looking for a job, then staying away is irrelevant. DO NOT, DO NOT be late to class. Be ready to study and study hard. That means both books and physically. Be in shape when you get there, it's not boot camp but it isn't far from it.It is physically cruelling, long days. I know a lot of the instructors and they know their stuff. Don't play Stump the Ump, argue with what they tell you to do, or make excuses on why you messed something up. Trust me, you will screw up, it is their job to teach you but also to make you screw up, it is part of the process. There is a thing called drill syndrome. They will be doing something and all of a sudden they will do something different. It is to show you how important what you are doing is but it is not the only thing you have to watch. Take nothing personally, they aren't there to be friends or stroke your ego. Their job is to produce well trained robots. They don't care if you have never called a pitch or have been doing it for ten years, they want it done their way, period. 

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I'm  jealous! ive posted this before, and there are some other threads here by guys who have attended pro school, just search and that will turn that info up......as a trainer, I'm going to put a few things I like to see people bring to my modest classes.....some of these are old gems but are well worth repeating...and I think they would apply to pro school as well....



  • willingness to learn-( like we say, leave it all on the field.)
  • Your best efforts
  • Decision to come out the training the very best you can be
  • timeliness- (use the old adage if you "aren't there 10 minutes early you are late theory)
  • listening- (ears open, mouth closed, a lot of your questions will get answered in professional instruction if you listen to the whole lesson)
  • Open mind- (you may hear things that go against long held beliefs/local trainings....umpiring is not static, things change, roll with it, not against it)
  • Take notes..
  • A fair assessment of yourself- what you bring and what you need
  • good study habits
  • a sense of urgency
  • attention to detail- (in all things, to include dress, decorum and personal hygiene)
  • Respect- (not only for your instructors but also for your fellow students)
  • personal awareness- (in an evaluation scenario, the small things can be the big differentiators, and note, that the walls have eyes too....
  • Gratitude- be thankful for the time and efforts of everyone whose efforts go into a successful training

Leave behind:

  • bad habits- personal and umpire related
  • unsolicited war stories- there will be a time for that
  • Confrontational behaviors
  • Any personal bigotry ( no place for it..)
  • Your back- home "status"
  • Any entitlement attitude- (yes you are paying for the training, but so did every other student, so wait your turn, and then do your best)


I know that many of us, Me especially, would love to go to pro school. My age, job and family responsibilities make it unlikely I could ever attend the full pro school. But I would go with no false impressions of getting a pro job, but just for the ability to return as a much better umpire......I will have to settle for the shorter clinics. Best of luck in your attendance!..  let us know how it goes.

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