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4 minutes ago, BT_Blue said:

I wonder if they all are like this? Though I enjoy the surprise of walking in and finding one super cheap!

I think you can still find them, but this guy knows what he has. On the eBay site it says worn by a pro... that tells me a pro took them in and traded for something, or maybe sold them because he has new ones coming or retiring or something. I got a new MAG off a retired MLB catcher once for well under asking price.

Oh, and don't try a low-ball make an offer option, I did and was denied up to $150 before giving up.

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Nobody wants to know about your personal life.

Need to tell "EBAY" if that's the case ........ they'll care then!  That's flat out misrepresentation!

Posted Images

Took a closer inspection at the Nikes on eBay from PIAS. 

Using the PIAS store pics as the eBay ones don't show much.  The red is the best mask, the other two

blue masks are dented on the main eye bar. 

The thing about these being used by a pro detracts value to me.  If the pro is getting rid of them, he's probably getting new ones. They see much higher speeds than most of us do in a routine Varsity or JV ballgame. Almost every hit to the mask at that level has the potential to bend a frame.

After looking at pics, I'd stay away from these - especially at the asking price.  If it's already taken a wallop hard enough to bend the frame, then I wouldn't drop $250+ and hope it'll take another shot without completing letting go.

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