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1st coach gets dumped


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  • 2 weeks later...

Bases loaded. Pretty cllose game. Base hit plates 2. BR going for 2b on the throw from F8 to F2. F2 fires back to 2B and F4 swipes at BR (several feet shy of the bag, not time to slide yet). BR ducks his shoulder and I clearly see no tag. Verbal and mechanic. DTHC calls time and approaches my partner who instantaneously sends him to me. He asks if he can come talk. Sure. I stand in C awaiting his arrival. You wanna talk, you gotta walk. About halfway to the mound from 1BL he starts. Now, he could have said lots of things. I was prepared to give him what I saw. Does he ask about OOB? No. Does he ask about the tag/no tag call? Nuh-uh. Does he question the play at all? Nope. His words....."You were out of position to make that call." Really? Seriously? "You...Back to your dugout. (Point with left hand indicating his directionof travel)" He looks at me in disbelief. "You're ridiculous!" Not THAT'S ridiculous. YOU'RE. BOOM! He gone.

This wound up being the only coach I ejected all season. And none I feel I should have. Maybe they're learning.

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I've already chimed in on this one but after reading through some of the comments again I have a little more to add. I think it's definitely a good ejection and one I probably would have had too. The other thing I want to address is the "you wanna talk you gotta walk" philosophy. I for one am a huge supporter of that philosophy and I think it has a lot of pros to it. For one you don't look like the aggressor and two it allows you to judge what the intent of the coach is when he comes out to you. You can read his body language pretty easily as he comes out. The other thing I want to add to it is depending on the kind of play it was how far I make the coach come to meet me. If it's something like a possible rules question I will just face him wait for him to get to me. He might have a legitimate question at that point so I don't see the point in making him go any further than where ever it is on the field I already am. If it's something that has no possible way of being a rules question, pulled foot, or anything along those lines and is going to be a stupid argument over a judgment call I'm probably going to turn my back and hustle back to A, B, C, or right field depending on where I've gotta be when we resume play. If he wants to argue a judgement call he should have to come a long way to do so. 

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