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I went with Baker to Wendelstedt in '05, he always had that arrogance and cockiness about him.  He is working as a fill-in because the politics of the game, not because he is better than a Little League umpire.

Wow sounds like someoneis a little jealous.." he's no better than a LL umpire.."..LOL ok.. if you say so.


he's throwing gum on the field..big deal... I know I try to put in my wrapper.. but..whatever.. whats next.. dont spit sunflower seeds out either.

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It's disrespectful.  Someone else has to clean that up.  You should learn by kindergarten that you don't throw gum on the ground.  And yes, I think he is a douche.  

Can't figure this out.   It sounds (probably wrongly) like Jordan was chosen instead of you because he is arrogant and cocky and he heard personally from an instructor, that is what they are looking

TOTALLY DIFFERENT ......   You guys can be so two faced it's ridiculous ......   You always pride yourself on acting professional, looking professional, etc, etc, etc .....but throwing NUMEROUS wa

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      In viewing clips of pitches and hits on mlb.tv, I have noticed a trend – MLB umpires are opting to a wider variety of masks rather than the default, formerly supplied Wilson DynaLite. We’re still seeing guys use the Wilson DynAlum and the occasional Wilson Titanium (Way Too) Low Profile, and there are those still relying on their Nike Icon Titaniums, but we’re also seeing increased numbers of Mizunos, Force3 Defenders, and All-Star FM4000MAGs.
      I’m sincerely wondering when that “paradigm shift” or “break point” is going to occur, when it is open season on branding gear with attributed logos instead of hiding, obscuring, or flat-out lying so as to appease a company that lethargically refuses to progressively protect their “sponsored” representatives. Because a knocked-off mask is viewed as a “failed mask”, MLB umpires – wearing Wilson -marked masks especially – are directed to wear their masks far too tight. Well, coincidentally, this plays right into Force3’s strengths, as the reactive spring suspension functions best when the mask is worn snugly. It’s just a shame that Force3 doesn’t receive due credit!
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      ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Professional Baseball Umpire Corp (PBUCâ„¢), a Minor League Baseballâ„¢ wholly owned subsidiary, announced Wednesday that it extended offers of employment to 31 of the 60 candidates that attended its recently completed Evaluation Course held at Vero Beach Sports Villageâ„¢ in Vero Beach, Fla. Fourteen others were recommended for hire to the Coastal Plain League, a collegiate summer league, with which PBUC has a working agreement. These umpires will continue to hone their skills while waiting for the call to work Minor League Baseball games.

      Anybody we know???
      Historically U-E members have done pretty well.

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