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Be careful - different versions of the rule exist.   WHEN:   LL and FED: Obstruction unless the fielder actually has the ball.   OBR and NCAA: Can block if the ball is in flight and close enough

buy the best cup and supporter you can find.  I recommend the Nutty Buddy. 

Wear two if you can.

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No problem with eyeglasses under a mask. If fogging is a problem. There's stuff called cat crap that works great. 



As for obstruction. Read the rule, get a basic understanding of it, and search this forum for "obstruction" in the trhead titles and you'll be inundated with info. The more threads you read, the better you'll start grasping the rule.



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hi. i am a new ump and am unfamiliar with ubstruction and when to call it. It seems vague to me. What is the correct understanding and rule?


Also is it ok to wear prescription glasses under my mask?


I am starting umpiring younger kids, what protection do i need- i have chest, shins, facemask?

Plate shoes.


Obstruction is when the defense gets in the way of the offense when the defense does not have the "right of way" -- iow when they are not fielding a batted ball or receiving a thrown ball is not imminent.  Most collisions will be train wrecks -- not interference and not obstruction.  You put the runners where you think they would have gotten without the obstruction, but if a play is being made then you must award that runner at lease one base.

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Be careful - different versions of the rule exist.




LL and FED: Obstruction unless the fielder actually has the ball.


OBR and NCAA: Can block if the ball is in flight and close enough that the fielder has to be there.


Without the ball (given the above):


FED:  Must allow access to the base.


Everyone else: Cannot block the base




LL and FED: A fake tag is obstruction.


OBR and NCAA: A fake tag is a legal deke.




Given the above conditions, when the fielder's position causes the runner to need to alter his path to the base or slow down, or slide unnecessarily. Within reason. If the runner is 50' away and slows that's on him.

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As for gear, here's a tip that I wish someone had told me: Buy pro gear.


You'll need a mask, chest protector, cup, shin guards and plate shoes. Expect to pay around $100 for a great mask, $125 on a chest protector, $30 for Nutty Buddy (the best), and around $100 for plate shoes. Shin guards, IMO, are the only piece of gear you can go cheap on.


That's a lot of dough, but think of is this way: Like Mr. Taylor said, if you don't buy the good stuff now, you will at some point. And you won't get much money for the cheap stuff on eBay. Pro stuff has pretty good resale value, so your net cost is a whole lot less, plus you get pro protection. (at least that's the way I've been selling it to my wife for the last 15 years!)

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Hey. thanks everyone for helpful responses. Surprised how helpful everyone has been with advice. I will definitely buy nutty buddy from ump-attire.com

 like someone mentioned. Is that the best website. What are the best websites for quality equipment for good reasonable(hopefully low prices. Of course quality is most imporant.


And i was going to purchase new balance plate shoes. I am usually a 9  to 9 1/2 D width.  What size would be best for those shoes?


Also i was going to get Wilson 6" Throat Protector.

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    • Guest Coach Bill
      By Guest Coach Bill
      So I was just having this discussion with a coaching friend of mine this week watching Mike Trout obstructed on a single to left by the third baseman about 5 steps in front of the bag. The coach didn't send him and I thought he missed the free base. I asked what happens if he's obstructed closer to second base. Sure enough, as seems to always happen, my question happened in my 50+ baseball league yesterday while I was coaching third. Batter rips a ball in the right center gap (this is 50+ league the outfielders are slow and the batter still runs pretty well). As he is rounding second the shortstop obstructs him and both the home plate and base ump give the obstruction sign. Third base is never in question - even after the obstruction. If he is not obstructed I would have definitely had him rounding the base at a minimum and reading. I see the sign go up and I'm telling the runner to go. In the middle of the play - the umps say out loud - no he gets third. Granted it's only a small chance I send him, but now no way. But I'm telling him to run and they were saying he only gets third. He didn't run - so I know I don't get home - but what's the right call if he does run? Like I say - third was never in question. Even after he touched third after a serious obstruction that made him completely stop, the ball was in the outfield beyond where the second baseman plays.
    • By scrounge
      Was the ball there in time? Did he give access to at least some of the plate? What do you think in Fed and/or NCAA?

    • By jms1425
      Stumbled across this video that was posted 11 years ago (YouTube is that old??).... My initial thought was that F1 is no longer protected after the ball hit him and bounced away by more than "a step and a reach", thus this would be obstruction on F1, so BR gets 1st.
    • By MTUmp109
      Tonight I had R2 going to third on a hit ball. R2 slides into 3rd.. As the 3rd base man fakes a tag. 3rd base did not have the ball. But in my opinion R2 was going to slide anyways because his coach was yelling down down down.. BUT Little League Definition of Obstruction is :
      “OBSTRUCTION is the act of a fielder who, while not in possession of the ball, impedes the progress of any runner. A fake tag is considered obstruction. (NOTE: Obstruction shall be called on a defensive player who blocks off a base, base line or home plate from a base runner while not in possession of the ball.)”
      SO should I have called it and gave him home plate?
    • By aaluck
      This is one rule I have always struggled with and it occurred again last night......  
      B1 hits the ball to the F6. F6 fields the ball and throws it to F3 in a manner that causes F3 to extend into the baseline and contact the runner (a) BEFORE F3 has possession of the ball, or (b) after the ball has already passed F3 (missed scoop, etc) or (c) F3 is attempting to run to the fence to retrieve the errant throw.  In both (a) and (b) runner has stayed in his 45' lane and the contact has occurred in the 45' lane.  In (c) both F3 and B1 are in the infield, past first base, runner turning toward second, F3 running toward foul territory. Now, I have always allowed contact that occurs if the ball arrives to the 1st baseman right (very close) to the time of the contact (collision last night) as he is "making a play on the ball". 
      Could someone please cover (a), (b) and (c) above?
      Thanks again guys.

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